Design/System/Reliability/Flight Competence/Flight Testing/...
Evaluation of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Air Taxi and Classic Design

Hossein Sadati; Amirhossein Adami; Mohammad mehdi Ebadi

Volume 7, Issue 3 , September 2023, , Pages 13-24

  In recent years, the use of air taxis as a suitable solution for transporting cargo and passengers, has been considered especially in short distances and in the city. Complex systems, such as air taxis, are involved in several subsystems with interacting and sometimes conflicting effects are difficult ...  Read More

An Investigation of Vertical Take-off and Landing Air Taxis with Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Systems

Amirhossein Edalatpour; Zoheir Saboohi; Fathollah Ommi

Volume 2, Issue 3 , November 2019, , Pages 31-42

  A prodigious revolution will be happened in urban public transportation in future years. This revolution will be along with entrance of air taxis and other flying vehicles. firstly, in this paper an introduction about obligation of using this system is presented. Most frequent designs for this air taxis ...  Read More