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Optimal Technology Allocation of in the Life Support Subsystem with Maximum Reliability

Milad Mahmoudi; A. B. Basohbate Novinzadeh; Farshad Pazooki

Volume 7, Issue 2 , June 2023, , Pages 29-37


  The atmosphere of the Red Planet or Mars contains 95% of carbon dioxide, 3% of nitrogen, 1.6% of argon and only a small amount of oxygen, and in terms of concentration is about one percent of the planet's atmosphere, which makes it virtually impossible for humans to live and survive on Mars. Therefore, ...  Read More

Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Pollen Germination and Growth of Lily

Fateme Mousavi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , September 2019, , Pages 53-58

  Basic plant research under complex space conditions is required. this is frequently quoted by the world's space agencies, such as NASA. The aim of the present research is to investigate the effects of simulated microgravity on pollen germination and tube growth of Lily. Pollen viability was ...  Read More

Optimization of Lightning System for Plant Growth in Life Support System

Halimeh Hassanpour; Roghayeh Pourhabibian

Volume 3, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 21-29

  The lighting system is one of the most important components of greenhouse or plant growth chambers in Advanced Life-support System (ALSS). Several designs of such lighting systems have been proposed including the use of natural sunlight and electric supplemental lighting. Due to the limitations of plant ...  Read More