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Assistant Professor, Cyberspace research institute, Shahid Beheshti University، Tehran ، Iran


It has been a long time that the idea of housing another planets and sending human to space are being followed seriously. Scientists have done a big effort in order to discover life signs in other planets and to select a suitable place for human beings to live in space. According to the IT service and technology selection, Ilan Mask, managing director of the SPIEC project and a prominent figure in the astronaut field, has been working to setup a base on Mars until 2030. However, there is no reliablity that the first permanent inhabitants of this planet would be human beings. It is possible that robots will migrate to the Mars before human beings. One of the most complex robots deployed to Mars is Curiosity with a special mission: searching for signs of life in Mars. This paper discusses the properties and achievements of the robots sent to Mars specially the most complex one, Curiosity.


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