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1 Professor, Department of Mechnanical Enginnering, Tarbiat Modares University y, Tehran.Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University of Chalu. Tehran. Iran


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the magnetohydrodynamics technology in creating artificial earthquakes. For this purpose, the possibility of expressing the electronegative mechanism for artificial earthquakes is first discussed. Then, the mechanism of such earthquakes and their impact, using this technology has been investigated. Also, application of these artificial earthquakes is described. As follows, using field and laboratory experiments, the results of tectonic tensions with high power pulses to reduce earthquake hazards have been addressed. Subsequently, the description of this technology and its mechanism and further the measurement of the tectonic stresses of the earth's crust and its evacuation, using a magnetohydrodynamic high power generator, have been made. Finally, an example of the creation of an artificial earthquake is mentioned and examined. 


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