Document Type : Scientific extension


1 M.Sc. , Deputy of CMS Department at Mehrabad International Airport، Tehran, Iran

2 Electronics Expert, Specialist in Navigating Equipment Mehrabad Airport. Tehran. Iran

3 B.Sc. Student, Aviation Electronics, Civil Aviation Technology College. Tehran. Iran


This article study how to implement FRTO Module of ASBU Master Plan (the latest and most recent ICAO aviation document) to help meet the future needs of aeronautical industry and to increase operational capacity with the aim of increasing safety, cost-effectiveness, and airways capacity. The purpose of this module is to optimally use the airspace of the  Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East region. Therefore, in the second part of this study, the navigational infrastructure required is described and the steps for the implementation of this module from the perspective of PBN in Tehran's TMA have been investigated.‌‌


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