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1 Ph.D. Holrer, Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, Karaj, IRAN

2 Associate Professor, Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, Karaj, IRAN


The recent development of UAVs is due to progress in electronics, control, and computer science combined with mechanics and flight science. What is evident in society is more mention of the advantages and capabilities of this technology, and less attention is paid to the technical parameters and basic challenges of the technology. The UAVs capability has only been expressed in various ways without expressing the challenges to society and the advertisement on the import of this technology continues. Yet, some decision-makers consider this advanced and expensive device only for import and flashy records. On one hand, the present article aims to express the important parameters and challenges of this advanced technology by stating the background, types, and applications, more awareness, and a detailed understanding of the challenges for the wise choice of decision-makers and users. On the other hand, future research topics for researchers, designers, and manufacturers would be another output of the article.


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