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1 Assistant Professor, Satellite Systems Research Institute (SRI), Tehran, Iran

2 Instructor, Satellite Systems Research Institute (SRI), Tehran, Iran



One of the satellite telecommunication services is the S&F service. In this article, we analyze the service characteristics and explain the impact of them on the design parameters. One of the challenges of telecommunication payload design is the mapping of service parameters to the technical requirements of payload components. First, analytical relationships between service parameters( the number of users, traffic and delay) and technical requirements( network capacity and on-board memory) are presented. Then the protocol stack and their parameters are selected with the aim of optimizing the power and network efficiency considering the link conditions. By identifying the service specifications impact on the design parameters and the design process systematic, payload requirements in order to develop network is easily extracted. One of the effective factors in the payload block diagram design is its reliability. The design of redundancy is proposed by considering the components reliability and the its function with the aim of achieving reliability and reducing fault propagation.


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